Ferris Communications offers a wide range of public relations services to help its clients reach their communications objectives:

Public Relations Counsel:
Our brains work just a little bit different than most.  We filter everything through a perspective that is focused on public relations.  How will each action be viewed by the media, the public, and other key audiences and stakeholders?  Can we make a choice in this situation that will enhance the brand?  How can we add public relations strategies and tactics to other activities to advance the organization’s overall objectives?  We help our clients see through these public relations glasses so they’re better able to keep the big picture in clear focus.

Strategic Planning:
  Asking the right questions, understanding the client’s needs, and drawing on our public relations expertise allows us to design strategic public relations programs that support our client’s business objectives.  Public relations programming is strongest when it’s strategically integrated throughout an organization.  From research to planning to implementation to evaluation, we think through each phase to ensure maximum impact.

Building:  An organization’s brand image is one of its most important assets.  We help clients clarify their brand identity, determine the key attributes that define the brand, and weave those brand attributes through public relations efforts as well as other areas of the organization.  We also believe that you build a brand from the insides out, so we always suggest clients take a look at what they’re doing internally to help ensure a consistent and clear brand.

Media Material Development:
 Everyone on our team is a strong writer.  We understand how to fine-tune messages to be relevant to the target audiences.  Whether we’re working on news releases, fact sheets, media advisories or pitch e-mails, we aim to deliver clear, concise and interesting material that helps the media do their job, while ensuring that our clients’ key messages are delivered.

Media Relations: 
The face of the media is changing every day, but journalists remain an important partner in helping the public get the full story about our clients.  In addition to developing solid media materials, we also aim to build trust and credibility with the journalists who cover our clients’ industries.  Our goal is to establish ourselves as trustworthy, dependable and reliable conduits to our clients so that journalists will return time and time again for story ideas and comment.

Social Media: Social media might be a great addition to your overall communications plan.  We can help you understand which social media platforms make sense for your organziation, and then we'll determine messages and strategies that will connect you to your target audiences.

Speech Writing:  Keeping a live audience’s attention takes some finesse.  We talk with our clients to identify the most captivating messages, and then we work to support those messages with facts, stories and anecdotes to keep the audience engaged to the end.

Web Site Copy Writing: 
Web sites are often the first place people go to learn about a company or organization.  So, it’s important that the home page clearly defines who you are while the rest of site includes content your target audiences want to read.  Writing for the web needs to be even more concise than other forms of writing, and our experienced writers are up to the task.

Issues Management and Crisis Communication: 
The best approach to a crisis is to avoid it in the first place.  Keeping an eye on the issues impacting our clients’ and their industries helps us plan for potential crisis and hopefully avoid it.  If a crisis does strike, we’re quick to think through the options, generate appropriate statements and messages, and guide our clients through the dark days.  Then, we look back to determine how we can respond even better if there’s a next time, and we look forward to rebuild the brand and the relationships that may have been damaged.

Special Event Planning and Execution:
 Check lists are one of our favorite tools.  Every little detail is documented so we’re sure nothing is overlooked.  We also bring creativity, energy and intelligence to each charity event, award’s luncheon, ribbon cutting, press conference, cocktail reception, grand opening, and media dinner.